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Lexie Brady

I am a wife, mom, practice co-owner, and graphic design lover.

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How I got started making websites

At a previous job, one of my responsibilities was keeping the website up to date. It was a complicated and outdated Wordpress site. I didn't know much about HTML, but I found my way around enough. After multiple issues and glitches with the site (because it was so outdated) I had the opportunity to work with a large web design company to redo it. I was so excited! Unfortunately the experience was less than pleasant. The company was hard to work with, and we ended up with another complicated Wordpress site that I yet again, had trouble keeping updated.

So when my husband and I decided to open a Chiropractic Practice, I told him under no circumstances was I going to let that happen again. I decided to build our site myself. Spoiler alert: it was the BEST decision. I have since found a passion for the creative side of web design, and also have developed skills in SEO, copy-writing, and Google Ads. It's empowering and convenient to manage these things myself. It saves us time, money, and the headache of relying on someone else.

Now that we are a few years into our business, we've determined a specific type of patient we love and know exactly who we are. These pieces are vital to not only getting traffic to your site and clicks on your ads, but converting those leads and keeping those patients long term.  And I can help you do just that!

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