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My Approach

I have a unique approach to building websites and branding because I am a practice owner myself. I value having control over my own brand. I do not want to email someone each time I need to make a change to my website. I don't want to go into panic mode if something glitches or my site goes down and then have to wait for a call back on the next business day from the company hosting my site. I want to be able to do this all myself. In our practice, we value empowering patients to take responsibility for their own health, and that is no different than my approach here.

  • Do you work with new and established offices?
    Yes, and these are two very different stages. As a brand new office, you're just getting your foot in the door. You need to establish our online presence, bring attention to your brand, and start ranking in search on Google. You're not super picky about who you serve. Maybe that's because you just need new ones, or maybe it's because you just don't know who your ideal patient is yet. Both are fine and I'll still be able to make you a fantastic website, but I will recommend we make some updates once you've determined your ideal patient. For established offices, it's time to make some strategic updates to your site. Maybe you have a basic site you always planned on improving but never got around to it, or maybe you've finally determined your brand identity and ideal patient and you're ready to make some intentional changes to get some serious ROI. This is my favorite.
  • What platform will you use to design my site?
    I will design and host your site on WIX. You will own your site and be able to edit it any time you want by simply logging into your WIX account.
  • Why do you use WIX?
    WIX is incredibly user friendly and straight forward. When you choose me to build your website, it's because you still want control over it, but that certainly doesn't mean you have all the time in the world to learn web development, SEO, coding, and other complex details. After all, you dedicated years studying Chiropractic - web design likely isn't your passion. Plain and simple: WIX is easy.
  • WIX vs WordPress
    Again, WIX is easy. While WordPress does allow for virtually endless options and customization, you have to be pretty tech savvy to take advantage of that. I have never had a time when WIX wasn't capable of doing something I wanted. The other reason I choose WIX over WordPress is because WIX manages all aspects of its platform - meaning it does all the maintenance and updating for you. WordPress requires frequent monitoring and updating of any plugins or themes. As a small business owner with a lot on my plate, that's not something I want to keep up with. Additionally, since Wix manages all aspect of its platform, the support is more straight forward. If you chat with WIX support, they can help you. WordPress is unable to trouble shoot externally developed features used on your site, so you're at the mercy of community forums in many cases. Finally, using WordPress is typically more expensive than WIX, and it still requires you to find a host for your site. I don't know about you, but as a small business owner, I'm trying to make sure my plate doesn't overflow and my overhead stays low!
  • What exactly is hosting and domains anyways?
    I'll explain this, you explain the nervous system, deal? Essentially a domain is your URL. You will purchase this from a domain registrar like GoDaddy. I can help you with this if you need. Hosting is where your website lives. Think WIX, BlueHost, SquareSpace, etc. I will set your site up on WIX. You will pay WIX annually for this.
  • How long does it take to create my website?
    Most projects take about 6 weeks to complete.
  • Can you help me with copywriting? Why is copywriting important?
    Absolutely! Aside from basic functionally, story-telling is the most important part of your site. It doesn't matter how many website visitors you have, if your website isn't clearly conveying who you are, who you serve, and what the experience will be like, it will not get the ROI you are hoping for. You know this already - you don't want Joe Schmoe coming in your office expecting a "quick crack" for $10, right? It's the same concept but many people don't understand how to do this correctly on their website. That's why I'm here.
  • Do I need professional office photos?
    Technically no, but I would strongly recommend it! Professional photos elevate your brand significantly. They convey trust and give your prospective patients a clear look into your practice. The better your website aligns with your in-office experience, the better chance you have of converting and keeping your ideal patient. If you don't have photos yet, I can help you find a photographer and develop a shot list.
  • How much are your admin fees?
    $0. I don't have admin fees because I'm going to teach you how to manage your own ads. Instead of paying $x in ad spend and another $1,000-$2,500 in monthly admin fees, you're just going to be paying for your ad spend. My fee is a one time fee to build your ads and teach you how to manage them. If at some point you wanted me to go back in and spruce them up for you or give you some advice, that would be a separate, one-time fee as well.
  • What kind of ROI can I expect?
    This is going to vary depending on a lot of factors, so I can't say for sure. Our practice saw a 2.5x return in Q3 & Q4 of 2022. Keep in mind a vital piece to a great ROI from your Google Ads is a great website. If I feel your website isn't up to par, I may decline to create your ads until it's updated.
  • Can you design my brand/logo?
    This is not a service I'm currently offering, but I do plan to in the future! Join my email list below to get notified when this service is added.
  • I have a different question
    Ask away! Send me an email here:

Frequently Asked Questions


My services are for you if...

  • You want to take control of your online presence

  • You're tired of switching ad companies and getting an influx of not-so-ideal patients for 1-3 months then watching the traffic drastically decline while you continue paying expensive admin fees

  • You're tired of wondering "what they're even doing" when you hire a company to manage your online presence

  • You want a cohesive look and message for your business online and offline

  • You want help determining your ideal patient

  • You need help writing website copy that makes sense to the average person

  • You want to work with someone who loves and understands chiropractic like you do

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